Bubble Shooter 3

This great bubble game is packed with a lot of amazing levels. Every fourth level there comes another bubble type and makes the game more difficult. Have a great play with Bubble Shooter 3!

  • whoever

    this game sucks. level 14 only gives you colored balls you cannot use so its impossible to advance to level 15. what is that about, make it challenging not impossible dummies

    • Nettie

      I have actually gotten past level 14, what I want to know is there a way to save & continue this game without going back to level 1 every time?

  • MSS

    Should be able to save game at level attained and begin at acquired level another time without the monotonous time it takes to get there

  • rasre

    Yes, you can reach level 15. You just have to try

  • You make the 15th level way too easy to lose. And….you should be able to save your level and pick up where you left off.


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