Mahjong Dimensions 15 min

Mahjong dimensions 15 minutes is played by thousands of gamers around the globe. No wonder this 3D Mahjong game is one of the best Mahjongg game on the web! With the 15 minute time limit, you have more time to solve the puzzle in Mahjong Dimensions online. You need to remove the tiles that are two of a kind and only those on the outside of the cube. Tiles that are laying in the center can't be removed. And just when you think you are stuck, just rotate the cube to reveal more matches to clear! Once you start playing Mahjong Dimensions 15 min it's hard to stop! You can practice the game here before you play against your friends on Facebook. Have fun with this awesome and addicting game on!

  • Joanna

    I love this game and I also like the new design of speldome! Keep up the good work!

    • Speldome

      Thank you Joanna for your kind words :)

  • jEAN

    Love this game (15 min mahjong), lately started to get sticky, this am really bad, very slow and reshuffle bad.


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