• EG Gold MinerPLAY NOW!

    EG Gold Miner is a great game with very beautiful graphics and music. The goal of the game is to collect the ...

  • Paper FlightPLAY NOW!

    Paper Flight. Follow adventurous journey through the view of a paper airplane. Collect lucky stars to help you ...

  • Penguin AdventurePLAY NOW!

    Penguin Adventure. Do you like adventure games? Penguin Adventure is waiting for you!

  • Hardest ParkingPLAY NOW!

    Hardest Parking. Find a good parking place and park your car carefully! Remember! This is the hardest parking game!

  • Cookie RunPLAY NOW!

    Cookie Run. FREE cookies! Help Daredevil and his friends to escape alive from the furnace of the evil Witch! RUN, ...

  • EG Teddy EscapePLAY NOW!

    EG Teddy Escape. Escape the jet fighter and survive as long as you can!You are a poor teddy bear (with a jetpack!) ...