Call of War Online Multiplayer Strategy game.

In this strategy game the outcome of World War 2 is in your hands. Aerial combat, tank battles and sea fights are the core element in an HTML5 browser game for people who love board games like Risk or Axis and Allies.

In the middle of WW2 itโ€™s your task to take control of a powerful nation to conquer countries, make alliances and take care of a thriving economy. The outcome of your war is not only based on your success on the battlefield, but is greatly dependent on your efforts in weapon technology and the friends and foes you make along your journey.

As an HTML5 MMO the most fun comes from playing against real people. Up to 100 people per map can play against each other in real-time, use different terrain to their advantage and surprise their enemies with secret weapons.

With HTML5 this MMO is running in every web and mobile browser and enables people to play on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs seamlessly. No download necessary. The game can also be played in full-screen. Call of War is being updated with new content on a regular basis to maximize playtime and retention amongst its user base.