SanDisk disk is write protected Solution for Windows

There is a huge problem with many SanDisk Cruzer 2gb, 4gb, 8gb and 16gb USB flash drives. One day you try to format your drive and a confusing message appears in Windows: Disk is write protected.

This problem suddenly occurred when I tried to format my SanDisk Cruzer 8gb micro USB flash drive within Windows.
Searched Google for days but the only solution i could find that the drive is damaged or corrupted and it needs to go back to the manufacturer. My drive is more than 3 years old so the warranty was ended long ago, so I thought this drive was useless.

By accident I found a solution for my unusable thumb 🙂 I was experimenting with a program called TransMac for Windows which by the way you can download for free for 15 days in trial mode. That should be enough time to fix your USB flash drive 😉 I know the program makes drives ready for a Mac computer, but in this case it will help to repair your Sandisk USB disk.

How to fix write protected disk: Go trough the following steps below to remove the write protection from your USB flash drive:

I am not affiliated in any way with Transmac and i cannot promise that this should work for your drive, but you can always try as the thumbdrive doesn’t work anyway.


  • Download and install the 15 day trial program from here.
  • Launch the program and take a look at the screenshot below:

Transmac format

  • Right click your USB flash drive and select Format Disk for Mac


Transmac format 2

  • Write a volume label (whatever your like) and press OK

Transmac format 3


  • Press YES and you are good to go.


Let the program do its job. When it’s finished open up Windows Explorer and try to format your flash drive with the default Windows format tool.

Please let me know in the comment section below if this has worked out for you as it has worked out for me.