Those evil aliens sure are dumb. They learned nothing from the humiliation of defeat at the battle of Starmada and continue to foolishly believe they can beat us. Here they come again intent on enslaving mankind, molesting our livestock and just generally being downright rude. Were not gonna stand for that. You know what to do soldier – give em hell…

Move your ship using either the mouse or the arrow or WASD keys.nnYour guns fire automatically.nActivate your repulsion-wave with the left mouse-button or X or M key. The repulser functions defensively by destroying all enemy bullets it touches and blocking enemy beam weapons.nIt also has an offensive function, inflicting damage on all enemies in range.nnAn upgraded repulser can be an effective means of quickly annihilating large groups of closely packed enemies.nnDying enemies eject treasure worth money you can spend in the shop on upgrades, stars for extra points and power-ups which replenish health, increase lives, increase score-multiplier or activate shields.nnAnnihilate all enemies in a formation to gain a squad-bonus worth extra points.


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