Free Mahjong Connect Classic game. Play in Fullscreen!

This Mahjong version is Mahjong Connect Classic. Your goal in Mahjong Connect is to earn as many points as possible! Find pairs and remove all tiles from the field before the time runs out to complete a level. However, the path between two tiles cannot have more than three lines or two 90-degree angles.

Play as long as you can, when you have no more moves, you are finished. Play strategically and try to complete as many levels as possible. Mahjong Connect Classic offers multiple challenging levels. You get 6 hints to start with, but if you run out of hints, they will not be refilled. Can you achieve a high score?

Mahjong Connect 2 is also a very popular game.

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About Mahjong,

Mahjong is a party game. It comes from the Standard Mandarin word Majiang (ιΊ»ε°†), in Standard Cantonese the game is called MΓ a Chuk (麻雀).

The playing field is completely filled with tiles with hieroglyphs and drawings, which means that you are waiting for an exciting Free Mahjong Connect Classic puzzle. But this is not a traditional Mahjong, but a combination of it with classic solitaire.

Look for pairs of identical elements that are near or so that they can be joined by a line at a right angle. There must be no more than two turns. The collection of tiles is given a certain time. Your task is to score as many points as possible and to clear the field completely.