4 in a Row

4 in a Row is a well known classic board game. Drop your piece into the columns of the game grid and make a line of at least four chips either vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. You can play in real time against human opponents online, or you can play locally against the CPU or a friend.

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Connect 4 in a row game rules

The game four in a row is perhaps one of the simplest games that exists, but therefore no less fun. The aim is to get four tiles of your own color, this can be red or yellow, in one row. How the winning row is created does not matter, this can be vertical or horizontal and diagonal.

Game Board

The game board consists of eight rows and as many columns. At the start of the game, this board will be empty and become more crowded. The player with the color yellow may start and the set will be guaranteed on the first line. The stones can only be placed in empty place and that is allowed on top of another stone.


By devising a handy tactic you can be in the advantage of four in a row. The aim is to create as many threats as possible, or opportunities in a row of four stones. With an offensive playing style you can win quickly, however, you have to be careful because a mistake is made before you know it.